About Mark Sukhija

This site is written and maintained by Mark Sukhija (pictured). Originally, I started this blog to help me remember which restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels were good or not - often I'd forget names / locations of places which I'd visited. Over time, however, I've developed more destination-orientated information on places I've visited including individual dining, accomodation and drinking venues which I've visited over the years.

These are some quick facts about me:

  • Live: London. Planning an escape.
  • Previously lived: London, Zürich, Prague, Zagreb and (in the early 80s) Paris
  • Education: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Kingston University, London.
  • Education: Masters Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Tourism from the University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland.
  • Favorite destinations: New Zealand, Rome, Basel, Antwerp
  • Favorite tipple: Waiheke and Hawkes Bay wines, Belgian Beers
  • Favorite cuisine: Indian, Italian
  • Most memorable trip: 2 weeks on the South Island of New Zealand.
  • Most unusual destination: Al-Jaghbub, Libya for the 2006 Solar Eclipse.
  • Travels for: Solar eclipses, Formula One, Fun!

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About Mark Sukhija

Mark Sukhija is a travel and wine blogger, photographer, tourism researcher, hat-touting, white-shirt-wearing, New Zealand fantatic and eclipse chaser. Aside from at least annual visits to New Zealand, Mark has seen eclipses in South Australia (2002), Libya (2006), China (2009) and Queensland (2012). After twelve years in Switzerland, Mark moved back to London in 2012. You can follow Mark on Twitter or Facebook